[impdev] Release candidates for 1.2?

Armin Weatherwax armin.weatherwax at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 19 02:46:54 PDT 2009

Jacek Antonelli schrieb:

> 1) Do release candidates ahead of time, try to fix all the bugs so
> that the 1.2 final release is very solid. This is what we've done for
> the past two releases.
> 2) Release 1.2 as it is, then if there are bugs, release 1.2.1,
> 1.2.2, etc. until they are fixed.

My user point of view: I need two viewers. One which I can rely on not 
crashing (to often). The other one to have all that new features ... 
where I don't mind when things are under development.

From that 1) for a stable viewer. For the yeah-new-feature viewer I'd 
prefere "beta" snapshots every now and then.   


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