[impdev] Release candidates for 1.2?

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On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 2:46 AM, Armin Weatherwax <
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> Jacek Antonelli schrieb:
> > 1) Do release candidates ahead of time, try to fix all the bugs so
> > that the 1.2 final release is very solid. This is what we've done for
> > the past two releases.
> > 2) Release 1.2 as it is, then if there are bugs, release 1.2.1,
> > 1.2.2, etc. until they are fixed.
> My user point of view: I need two viewers. One which I can rely on not
> crashing (to often). The other one to have all that new features ...
> where I don't mind when things are under development.
> >From that 1) for a stable viewer. For the yeah-new-feature viewer I'd
> prefere "beta" snapshots every now and then.
> Armin
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I agree with this. I was thinking that--if we can--we should release a
1.23-based Imprudence viewer as a test build along with 1.2, if for no other
reason than LL suddenly decided to surprise us by making 1.23-based
adults-only viewers the new defacto mandatory on the 15th.

How often do you want to release a snapshot? Every one week, two? Or every
so often when we get a lot of features going? For me, it'd be nice to have
some sort of schedule, but that's how I work.

@Jacek: are we still doing nightly source drops? I just realized I haven't
merged back into my "next" branch in forever...

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