[impdev] Test release tomorrow, if possible.

Jacek Antonelli jacek.antonelli at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 02:29:02 PST 2010

At the meetup on Tuesday I mentioned that we should do a test release
this week of the 1.23 merge, without the new features. I'd like do
that tomorrow evening (US time). Is that feasible for you, McCabe and

Unless there are bugfix or minor changes you guys want to make soon,
we'll use the current head of my next branch (4b499c8e) for the

Armin: Will you be able to compile a 64-bit Linux test version
tomorrow? And, are there any commits related to 64-bit that are ready
to be merged into my next branch? (By the way, I put all your recent
libs and builds onto the web server just a few minutes ago.)

- Jacek

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