[impdev] Submitting a patch using Git

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at fishkill.ibm.com
Mon Jan 4 08:07:23 PST 2010

I cloned Jacek's repository, then checked out the "next" branch using

git checkout --track -b next origin/next

(Could someone tell me how this differs from just "git checkout next"? 
What does --track do?  I read the man page, but that didn't help.)

Then I created a new branch

git branch msh-fixes
git checkout msh-fixes

applied patches there that fix bugs in the UI code, committing them one 
at a time, then merged back

git checkout next
git merge msh-fixes

and created another branch for the new scripted HUD feature

git branch msh
git checkout msh

applied the patches, committing them one at a time, then added changes 
to account for the XUI Advanced menu in Imprudence.

Did I do this right?  If so, how do I submit these back to the 
repository?  Should I merge "msh" back into "next" first, or leave it 
open for future changes?

Mm Alder

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