[impdev] May 19 meetup; our new home on 3RG!

Jacek Antonelli jacek.antonelli at gmail.com
Tue May 18 23:49:28 PDT 2010

After a month of touring, ImpDev meetups have a new home: 3rd Rock Grid!

Join us on the 3rd Rock Grid <3rdrockgrid.com> in the Hoagie region
today for the first meetup in our new home. Thanks to the good folks
at 3RG for providing a parcel for our meets! :-D

* Who: Imprudence developers and anyone interested in Imprudence's progress
* When: Every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC (12:00 noon PDT)
* Where: 3rd Rock Grid, Hoagie region (190, 165, 28)

See you there!

- Jacek

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