[impdev] Windows build issues

chris-tuchs at hushmail.com chris-tuchs at hushmail.com
Tue Apr 12 06:09:02 PDT 2011

develop.py has never worked well for me.  However, after copying 
true.exe from cygwin and naming it ...tools/vstools/VSTool.exe, it 
runs with no 'errors'.

But the resulting project files seem to have issues.  After

$ python develop.py -G VC80 configure -DPACKAGE:BOOL=ON

and loading the .sln into Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express 
Edition, and doing a build (debug, release, or RelWithDebInfo) it 
complains about various missing files such as msvcr80.dll, and 
eventually meta-impy-bin.exe.config.  If I hunt about my 
development trees I can copy files into the meta-impy source tree 
to get it to make a package.  But after installing and trying to 
run the result, I get an error about the config being bad.

Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?  Perhaps something 
busted in the meta-impy fork?


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