[impdev] Future Kokua features was: Re: OTR

Armin Weatherwax armin.weatherwax at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 21 03:09:57 PDT 2011

David Seikel wrote:
> http://github.com/onefang/meta-impy is my fork of Imprudence 1.4.
>  I'm keeping in sync with upstream.

With Kokua being the main focus *soon* for a number of loved features 
the question is: can we integrate it in Kokua? 
Repeating it, so that my mail gets a bit longer, because anybody knows:
That is most often a licensing question, because Kokua inherited the 
LGPL-v2.1-only from upstream, which unfortunately makes it impossivle 
to just pick patches released under GPL 2 + FLOSS -  the copyright 
holder has to release it under  LGPL  that we can take it.

One of those I'd love to integrate into Kokua of course  is LightShare 
support. Can you think of a way to make it available under  LGPL v2.1? 
Like apply the patch to Kokua or any LGPL 2.1 viewer and push the 
repository, or a patch with saying its also  LGPL v2.1, or something 
else  that works for you ... I'd take care of the few bits and pieces 
to adjust to the viewer2 codebase,  if any at all necessary.
That'd be awesome :)

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