[impdev] VS 2010 Express Build of Imprudence 1.4.0

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 14:22:48 PST 2011

Cross posting to IMPDEV and SLDEV lists.

Visual Studio Express 2010 build of Imprudence 1.4.0 is branched as impvc100 at
git at github.com:NickyPerian/imprudence.git .

To complete the build cmake needs to be at version 2.8.1. Kitware corrected a 
bug related to VS2010 at 2.8.1 and it came back in the current versions but, is 
due to be fixed in version 2,8.4. 

The VS 2010 versions of libraries are in the downloads area of my public github 

Boost 1.45 libraries and the includes with ticket 4073 patch applied to 
File boost_1_45_VC100_libs_inc_patch4073.tar.bz2

json libraries and include with json_vc10.lib and json_vc10d.lib.
File jsonlib_VC100_libs_inc.tar.bz2

QT web kit 4.7.1 with llqtwebkit.lib and llqtwebkitd.lib.
File llqtwebkit-windows-qt4.7.1-20110117.tar.bz2
File llqtwebkit-windows-qt4.7.1-20110117.tar.bz2.md5sum

On the VS2010 release configuration the Properties->Linker->Debugging->Map File 
Name has a “:” in front of Release. This colon needs removed as it is carried 
though to a path that fails at link time.

Directories are set in the Properties Manager in VS2010. That is activated by 
the third icon over from the bottom just below the Solutions Manager window. By 
default $(ExecutablePath) is placed after the custom directories entries. If 
there is an easy way to change it to before the entries I could not find it So, 
I resorted to an edit of the line and moved $(ExecutablePath) to the beginning. 
This was to work around \cygwin\bin\link from running ahead of VS2010 link.

At this writing January 18, 2011 the llmediaplugintest project doesn't build. 
The viewer doesn't need it.
Workaround is remove it from building in the configuration manager.

To Do. Get test apps in llqtwebkit instructions to build under 2010.
Take lessons from above and get llmediaplugintest to build. 
Common factor beings glui32.lib and freeglut_static.lib.

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