[impdev] Impdev meetups, trouble connecting to Hoagie with the Radegast client.

Arrehn Oberlander arrehn at gmail.com
Thu May 19 10:21:26 PDT 2011

With some alternate accounts and viewers, I was able to further diagnose the
trouble I've had attending the last few ImpDev meetups.

Apparently if you log into the 3rdrock grid, using the Radegast text-only
viewer, and then teleport to the Hoagie region, you receieve the follwowing

Login reply: Welcome to 3rd Rock Grid... We recommend The Imprudence Viewer
for the Best Experience... Let's Rock this World!
Alert message: You are not allowed on this parcel because the land owner has
restricted access.
Disconnected: SimShutdown

- I received this message on multiple alts both teleporting into the region
and logging in directly.
- Logging into other regions beside Hoagie on the 3rdrock grid with Radegast
was fully successful.
- I was able to demonstrate this behavior with Radegast 1.21, 1.25, and
1.28, using the linux official binary downloads from the Radegast website.
- Logging in with an older version of Imprudence 1.3 into the same region
with the same accounts was fully successful.
- This behavior only started about 3 weeks ago. Before this, logging into
Hoagie with Radegast was fully successful.

In general Radegast is a preferred client for me because it's text-mode only
is more workplace friendly. Now that I have a workaround (although less
convenient) I'm no longer blocked from attendance, but I thought I would
mention this as it seems a bit mysterious.

Happy Thurdsay,
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