[impdev] Release plans for 1.4 beta 1; I'm unavailable this weekend.

Jacek Antonelli jacek at kokuaviewer.org
Tue May 24 15:28:40 PDT 2011

I will be out of town this weekend to attend a family event. I will be
leaving Saturday morning, and returning Monday night or Tuesday. I
might be able to check email on Sunday, but otherwise I'll be
unavailable. I'm anxious to get Imp 1.4 beta 1 released soon, but I
think it will need to wait until after I get back.

Two alternatives would be to rush and try to release it before I
leave, or else to release it this weekend without me. I think trying
release it before I leave is infeasible; it would be very stressful
and lead to poor results anyway. Releasing it this weekend without me
is somewhat more feasible, but I think we're going to need "all hands
on deck" for the release.

So, I would advise we push to finish it up in the next 7 days, then
release it soon after I have returned. I can help with coding until I
leave, then work on the release notes while I'm travelling. 1.4 has a
huge number of differences compared to 1.3, so it will take several
days just to assemble the release notes for what we have already done
now. While I'm gone, the rest of you can make some final commits to
finish the code.

Let me know your thoughts on this plan.

- Jacek

P.S. I could still use help sifting through the open issues on the
tracker. If you see any open issues that are important and feasible to
fix in the next 7 days, change the target version to "1.4.0 beta 1".
If it's less important, or not feasible to do that soon, but still
should be done for 1.4, change the target version to "1.4.0 beta 2".

P.P.S. I patched our Redmine a couple days ago, so only "Team Members"
and "Contributors" (as the issue tracker thinks) can change the target
version. If you want to help us sort the issues, but it won't let you
change the target version, add a comment saying which target version
you think the issue should have.

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