[impdev] OpenSim removes the 6 month viewer contribution barrier in favour of Contribution Agreements

Justin Clark-Casey jjustincc at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 30 14:21:10 PDT 2011

Hey folks.  Just thought that you might like to know that as of today, OpenSim has removed the 6 month barrier which 
stops anybody wanting to contribute to OpenSim from looking at linden lab viewer code and projects such as 
Imprudence/Kokua [1].

Instead, we're going with an approach that requires a Contributor's Agreement for significant patches (patches that 
implement features or are above 100 lines).  We'll see how this definition works out - it's a bit unusual and will 
probably need adjustment.

I look forward to submitting my first imprudence/kokua patch, though that probably won't be very soon since I have a ton 
of work and I understand that it takes quite a while to get your head into (and even compile!) a viewer :)

All the best,

Justin Clark-Casey (justincc)

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