[impdev] Mysterious licenses and copyrights.

onefang onefang at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 10:58:19 PDT 2012

I'm refactoring the WindLight code.  Lightshare.cpp and
wlsettingsmanager.cpp have a large amount of very similar code.  While
looking at how best to combine that code, I spotted something odd.

wlsettingsmanager was added at the same time as wlfloatermanager,
wlfloaterwindlightsend, and wlretreivesettings by Revolution Smythe.
All of these have the same license boilerplate at the top, all claiming
to be wlfloaterwindlightsend.cpp or .h, all claiming to be copyright
2007-2009 by Linden Research, Inc.

Lightshare.cpp/h on the other hand, is copyright 2010 by Jacek and Tom
Meta.  The bits that are similar to wlsettingsmanager are mostly
written by Jacek according to git.  The similar bits where committed by
Jacek before the wl* files where added.

I was trying to figure out who gets the copyrights.

Now I don't think LL managed to write region windlight sharing code in
2007, or 2009.  I can't find any sign of those files in any other viewer
I happen to have the source code for (except my own Impy fork).
Including LL viewers.  Google can only find reference to them in
Imprudence, and winLAME (which has a wlsettingsmanager as well).  I'm
thinking the license boilerplate for those wl* files is bogus.  Probably
just a cut and paste, but someone forgot to update the details.

What I'd like to do is use those bits in lightshare.cpp that are
similar, and get rid of the ones in wlsettingsmanager.cpp.  Leaving the
lightshare.cpp copyright as it is.  I think that's the best way.  That
still leaves the question about what to do about the possibly bogus
copyright notices in the wl* files?

Perhaps Rev and Jacek could shed some light on this?  Others that where
around at the time might know something useful to.

I think those wl* files are for Aurora's style of WindLight sharing.
I've not looked at LL's version yet, don't think Impy supports it.
Certainly support for the LL variation could share a lot of the same

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