[impdev] Uploading files.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 16:15:50 PDT 2013

It looks like viewer downloads are usually hosted on
http://imprudence.googlecode.com/files/  I'm ready to start putting
experimental Imprudence binaries out there for people to use, but I
don't have suitable access for putting files there.  Jacek and McCabe
are the owners that can give out that sort of access.  If one of you
could add me (onefang at gmail.com) that would be handy.  Adding me as an
owner would be great.

Adding Nicky to would be a good idea, but you would have to ask him
which account to use for him.

There is also http://download.kokuaviewer.org/files/ but I'm not too
sure how to get files onto that.  It includes the pre compiled
libraries, which I would need to add to at some stage.  Could I have
the keys to that to please?

I would have used github, but they stopped hosting file downloads.  B-(

A big old stinking pile of genius that no one wants
coz there are too many silver coated monkeys in the world.
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