[impdev] We need a Mac build, and to announce it on the blog.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 00:08:58 PDT 2013

On Thu, 18 Apr 2013 18:18:01 -0700 (PDT) Nicky Perian
<nickyperian at yahoo.com> wrote:

> http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/wp-admin/index.php  mccabe set me up with
> rights.
> If not set before you are ready send me a headline and text i'll post
> and reference that its yours. I try to keep posts less than 300
> words. People bore easily. For nit and pick details I use links.

With thanks to Kentron, we now have a Mac build up on the google code
file server, so we can go ahead with an announcement on the blog.
Could you post it for my please Nicky?  I dunno what sort of markup our
blog uses, so here's raw text.  You can make it pretty yourself.  Here
is the title, with lines of dashes as separators, don't put them in the
announcement -

Imprudence experimental release exp 0.

And here is the text -

Finally there's some movement from the Imprudence developers, we have
released an experimental build called "Imprudence exp 0".
This is just an experimental release, there will be more experimental
releases when ever we think it's a good time to make them.  We are
working towards a beta 3 release soon, to be followed by the
usual release candidates, then an actual full release of the loooong
awaited 1.4.0.

A quick summary of the changes -

A whole bunch of bug fixes since the last 1.4.0 beta 2 release (see the
source code commit log for details), thanks to Armin Weatherwax, Beeks,
Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxstead, Nicky Perian, and onefang.

Ported inventory category capability from LL, thanks to Henri Beauchamp
and Armin Weatherwax.

Converted to the ISS installer for Windows, thanks to McCabe Maxstead.

The removal of the translate feature (it used a Google service that was
withdrawn by Google).

Added Linux build scripts (they almost work for Cygwin to, still
working on that).

Simplified the build process a little, and made it more consistant.

Changed the way the users passwords are stored to patch up security a
little.  WARNING - this may cause problems if you move back and forth
between viewer versions.  Best to backup your old grid_info.xml file,
which is stored in different places depending on OS and other things.
Blame onefang. 

Fixed building under Mac OS X, thanks to Mimika Oh and Nemurimasu

Fixed building under gcc 4.5.2, thanks to Lord Drakeo.

Added a MOAP radar, thanks to Robin Cornelius (full MOAP support coming

Updated the grid list to match Kokua, thanks to Nicky Perian.

Various code and build system clean ups, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Apologies if I missed any thanks, it's been a long time.

You can download binaries and source code from -

Linux 32 bit -

Linux 64 bit -

Mac OS X Intel (thanks to Kentron Katana for the build) -

Windows 32 bit -

Source tarball -

Source repo (commit this release is based on) -

Thanks Nicky.

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> >Subject: Re: [impdev] We need a Mac build, and to announce it on the
> >blog.
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> >
> >On Thu, 18 Apr 2013 05:29:27 -0700 (PDT) Nicky Perian
> ><nickyperian at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> >>  Could you create a new bug report please?  Thanks Nicky.
> >> 
> >> I think the flashing and such was being on a VM with its limited
> >> VGA foo. Lets wait for another report before opening a bug report.
> >
> >Ah OK, makes sense.  Yep, let's see if any one else complains.
> >
> >How do you create kokua blog posts?  I could not find any sign of a
> >log in page or anything.
> >
> >> >________________________________
> >> > From: David Seikel <onefang at gmail.com>
> >> >To: impdev at lists.imprudenceviewer.org 
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> >> >Subject: [impdev] We need a Mac build, and to announce it on the
> >> >blog.
> >> > 
> >> >
> >> >I've put Imprudence experimental downloads on
> >> >https://code.google.com/p/imprudence/downloads/list except for a
> >> >Mac build, which I lack a Mac to create.  Can someone grab the
> >> >source code archive from there and build (and test) a Mac version
> >> >for us?
> >> >
> >> >I'll also need to announce it on the blog, but I can't even see a
> >> >method to log on, let alone create a new blog post.  Could I have
> >> >access to that please?
> >
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> >

A big old stinking pile of genius that no one wants
coz there are too many silver coated monkeys in the world.
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