[impdev] compiling imprudence with Visual Studio 2010

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 15:58:44 PDT 2013

In theory if you have the imprudence repository you should be able to build by replacing singularity.sln with imprudence.sln.
I have been on kokua and have not built imprudence and a very long time. 
Send a build log and Ill try to help.

> From: Aragorn Arda <aragornarda at gmail.com>
>To: Nicky Perian <nickyperian at yahoo.com> 
>Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 5:02 PM
>Subject: compiling imprudence with Visual Studio 2010
>Hey Nicky, is your page http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/User:Nicky_Perian still valid? Is it still possible to compile imprudence viewer like this in Visual Studio 2010? Do I have to use your repository? I'm not having much success compiling it, I'm getting unsuccessfull builds.
>Is it possible to compile with FMODeX instead of FMOD?
>I had no trouble at all compiling the Singularity viewer with VS2010 following these instructions: http://www.singularityviewer.org/kb/build-windows, and those use FMODeX...
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