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>Subject: How to retrieve the BUMP value 
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>Dear Boroondas, I am a big fan of the Imprudence viewer, and I have been using it for backing up my project builds from Secondlife to my private grid on OpenSim.  However, it is really frustrating that I cannot back up objects that were created by my other team members, since they left our team long ago.   Instead of recreating everything from scratch, I am trying to write a script by getting the parameters of every prim, and then save it into the xml fashion that is recognisable by the viewer for uploading.   Actually, I was inspired by the xml files that were output by the Imprudence viewer, and I am trying to follow the same data structure for writing up the xml files.    However, when I am starting to do this, I find one big puzzle with your xml data attribute - the bump value which is an integer for controlling the shininess and bump map value for each face of the prim.  I tried to use the APIs from the LSL documentation, but I found no match that
 could generate the same value as in the output xml.   Can you please let me know how to get the value for the "bump" key?   In addition, if you could let me know some other smarter way for backing up our project builds, that will save us tons of hours and a lot investment for sure.  Many thanks! Best regards, Yiqing 
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