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On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 7:04 AM, David Seikel <onefang at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Apr 2011 05:58:39 -0700 chris-tuchs at hushmail.com wrote:
> > I have added OTR to Imprudence exp.  Tested and seems to work on
> > linux builds, but having issues with the windows builds (another
> > message).  The wiki says "Imprudence Viewer is a SecondLife/OpenSim
> > compatible viewer with a focus on usability, privacy and
> > reputability." so I think the answer is yes, but let me ask
> > formally: is there upstream interest?
> >
> > Wanna see the current code?  Look at the libotr branch of onfangs
> > fork of the 1.4 impy.  https://github.com/onefang/meta-
> > impy/tree/libotr
> A bit of explanation -
> http://github.com/onefang/meta-impy is my fork of Imprudence 1.4.  I'm
> keeping in sync with upstream.  The purpose of my fork is to provide
> the users of the meta 7 grid with a more up to date viewer than the
> ancient Emerald fork that is the official viewer now.  My changes in my
> fork are concentrating on bringing Impy 1.4 up to par with our old
> Emerald fork.  Lots of branding changes, some tweaks to the
> limitations, adding OTR, amongst other things.  Basically making it
> so that it's roughly the equivalent of the old viewer in terms of the
> stuff that is important to our users, and stuff important to the grid
> owners.
> Anything I do that is of general interest I'd be happy to send
> upstream.  OTR might be the first of those.  If you are interested.
> Chris is working on OTR on my fork coz I requested it.  Chris had been
> the original developer that brought OTR to Emerald in the first place.
> We had agreed that we would see if the Impy devs would be interested in
> it once we had something working.  It's working fine now, but still
> needs a bit of tweaking.
> Since the libotr branch that Chris has been working on branched of my
> existing exp fork at the time, that branch includes the meta-impy work
> I had completed at that point.  That's why there are non OTR related
> changes in the libotr branch.  We intend to clean up a patchset, make
> sure it works fine on pristine Impy 1.4, then present the Impy devs
> with it if you want it.  After we got it polished, which should be soon.
> Chris' problems with producing a Windows version are more to do with
> the fact that Chris has not done that before.  The meta 7 developer
> that usually makes Windows packages is busy with some other project
> right now.  We need a Windows package to release as a test for our
> users to play with and comment on.  Way more of them than linux users,
> though some of our linux users switched to meta-impy on the last test
> release.
> http://bugs.meta7.com/view.php?id=397 is the meta issue tracking the
> proposed changes we are making to meta-impy.

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> Ah, okay. That makes more sense. I added myself as a watcher to the bug
list :)

As I mentioned to Chris when I caught him inworld, I think OTR would fit in
well with our concerns for user privacy, particularly since while most
everyone trusts Linden Labs with their IMs, visiting new unknown grids tends
to make people think twice. So I'd consider that interest. I can think of a
few people right off the bat who'll appreciate having the feature in Imp.

Have you seen this page on our wiki:
http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Imprudence:Contributing_Code? It contains
our code submission guidelines as well as the process we use for merging
commits/patches upstream in Imprudence. Basically, when the patch is ready,
open a redmine issue (
http://redmine.kokuaviewer.org/projects/imprudence/issues) and set it as
"ready to merge" along with whatever commits need to be pulled in (if you
can use git rebase -i to squash them, that'll make things much easier).
Since 1.4.0 is approaching its major feature freeze, OTR'll go into the next
Experimental release after 1.4.0, then the next stable build after that. I
recommend submitting any fixes/changes you think would be of value for
1.4.0, though, particularly for issues that don't have anyone assigned to
them on redmine.

And I'd say "Windows" is synonymous with "pain in the ass" heh. But lets
keep that discussion in the other thread...

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